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2023 HHSABC Scholarship Application

All scholarship applications are to be completed and received by the HHS College/Career Counselor in the Career Center in an envelope by 4:30pm on May 1, 2023. An identification number will then be assigned to each individual application and the identifying personal information removed prior to submission to the Scholarship Committee.


The HHSABC Scholarship Committee, will be chosen by the Scholarship Application Committee Chair of HHSABC. All committee members will remain anonymous.


The appointed committee will review and discuss all application criteria and essays resulting in the selection of the winning candidates.  The number of winners and the scholarship award amount are up to the sole discretion of the committee and will be based on a scoring rubric. 


A Heritage HS Athletic Booster Club representative will present and/or recognize the scholarships and recipients at the Senior Awards Assembly on May 18, 2023. Funds will be paid directly to the winners’ school of choice.



Naz Burlbaugh on 4/28/2021 1:04 pm